The Marks of a Community of Worship

One of our four values at KFC is worship. By value, we mean that everything we do as a church family is meant to promote, uphold, and extend the purpose of the church to be a worshipping community. But what does this mean in practice? Here is an overview of the basics.

1 – Image-Bearers

God’s Word reveals that human beings are uniquely made in the image of God. This means that more than any other part of creations we are able to reflect the nature, character, and relationality of the Creator. For worship, there are worldview-shifting implications for this. It means that worship is not ultimately any single activity, but that anything – insofar as it can be done in the name of Jesus – is an act of worship. Thus daily questions a Christian must ask are the following: am I worshipping God in my marriage, in my singleness, in the workplace, in the home, when I drive, when I eat, when I watch TV, when I meet up with friends, etc.? The stakes of the Christian life are huge. At every moment of every day we are either worshipping God by giving him glory or detracting from His glory by living a life unworthy of His image. This penetrating thought is the inspiration behind Charles Wesley’s beautiful prayer for:

A heart in every thought renewed

And full of love divine,

Perfect and right and pure and good,

A copy, Lord, of Thine.

2 – Gathered Worship

The idea of image-bearing does not minimise the importance of gathered worship. On the contrary, because we worship a God in community – Father, Son and Spirit – we must worship together in order to reflect God fully. Following the ancient custom of Christians, at KFC we encourage each other to assemble on every Sunday morning in order to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. This corporate act does three things for the worshipping body. First, it reminds us of what is most important in human history. Regardless of what we read in the news, on Sundays we remember that the defining fact of human history is the resurrection of the Son of God. Second, we recharge. Worship is the equivalent of plugging a Christian heart into the love of God and recharging its battery. Contemporary praise and relevant preaching is vital for this. Third, we reorient. Throughout the week we get distracted and misled by the advice of the world. On Sundays God speaks to us and clarifies the path ahead.

3 – Home Worship

A healthy body requires a sound diet. A healthy heart needs the same. Thus at KFC we endeavour to balance regular gathered worship with a daily schedule of home worship. For some this takes the form of a quiet time – a personalised time of prayer, reading, reflection and praise for the individual. For others we advise a form of family worship during which parents help lead children through a devotional cycle. Either way, the undeniable truth is that just as the body needs daily nourishment so does the heart. Only worship can supply this.

4 – Christian Hedonism

Ultimately, at KFC we believe that the greatest delight for the human heart is knowing God. If God is the source of everything good, true, and beautiful, knowing and enjoying Him is the highest end of human life. Put another way, Christians don’t renounce pleasure, we define it. For us, nothing compares to knowing God. Isaac Watts gave a classic statement of Christian hedonism when he wrote:

‘The sorrows of the mind

Be banished from this place!

Religion never was designed

To make our pleasures less.’

For more on Christian hedonism here is a link


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