Partick Free Church Modernise Facilities

Partick Free Church in Crow Road, Glasgow, recently opened their newly renovated hall facility. This is the latest in a line of renovations, led by minister Rev. Alex Cowie who has served the congregation for the past 12 years. Other works carried out have included a new kitchen, office and meeting rooms as well as a more practical worship area, all intended to modernise the building. 
The contemporary looking hall was made possible through much of the work being carried out by church deacon, Archie MacInnes and lead contractor John MacDonald. 
Mission Director David Meredith spoke at the official opening where he encouraged the congregation to “catch the vision” so that they “will grow until the building is packed to capacity”.  
Working closely with the leadership team, David has urged them to embrace the concept of a community church that would serve the Crow Road area of Partick. By opening their doors and reaching out to locals, they hope to build meaningful relationships that would also provide opportunities to share the gospel.
With the new facilities in place, please pray for the congregation and the leadership team as they serve their local community and look to implement their new vision.
Source: Free Church of Scotland