Christianity in decline?

If you have read the latest BBC report on church attendance in Scotland, you might have been left with the impression that Christianity in Scotland is in some kind of crisis! Indeed, If you were to base Christianity’s perceived “success” on church attendance then you might conclude this is indeed the case. When we talk about church growth or lack of church growth it’s true that people often think in terms of stagnation or decline in numbers, the wobbly state of finances and maintenance of old buildings, but here is the thing.  The New Testament talks very little about “church growth!”  What it does talk about is Gospel growth or the increase of The word The focus is in the Spirit backed word of God.  Attendance is declining, but out of those who are attending more people are coming as a result of a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ through the sharing of the Spirit backed word of God and not just through some cultural inheritance of Christianity as their religion of birth, nor out of some guilt-laden sense of moral duty.   More and more people around the world including Scotland are discovering the life-changing message of Jesus.

Tonight at midweek equip we will be continuing our series on the “Trellis and the Vine”

“The growth that God is looking for is growth in people. Whatever other signs of life and growth we might look for in our congregations—involvement, activities, newcomers, finances, number of staff, buildings, and so on—the only growth that has any significance in God’s plans is the growth of believers. This is the work of the vine.”

See you tonight.



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