100 And Not Out!

In June 2017 Colegio San Andres in Lima, Peru will celebrate its centenary. It will look back with thanksgiving to God to the month of March 1917 when the first Free Church of Scotland missionaries to South America, John and Jane Mackay, opened the doors of their little school of 40 pupils. It will also look forward, now with over 800 pupils, to continuing its high standard of Christian education on behalf of future generations of young people in Peru. 
Former pupils and former teachers will be gathering in large numbers, some from all over the Americas and beyond. The Free Church Mission Board has appointed Rev David Meredith and Rev David MacPherson to travel to Lima with greetings from the School’s founding body and to hand over a gift for the Bursary Fund. 
Here in Scotland an hour-long programme at this year’s General Assembly will highlight the School’s considerable contribution to education in Peru and also to the growth of the church of Christ throughout the country and beyond. A new video, prepared by the School’s media department, will be shown; former teachers and former pupils will share their memories and express their thanks; and prayer and praise will rise to God, who inspired his servants to undertake this work and who has protected and nurtured the School during times of both opposition and encouragement. 
This Centenary Meeting will be held on Tuesday 23 May at 7.30 p.m. in St Columba’s Free Church. It’s not only for the Assembly commissioners. The general public are warmly invited and their presence in large numbers will be uplifting. Remember – this only happens once in a hundred years! So make a special effort and come along if you can. 
As a helpful footnote, it’s intended to put the whole programme on the website, so those who genuinely can’t possibly attend the Assembly meeting, can download it (and also the School video separately) for personal or congregational use.
Source: Free Church of Scotland