Board of Edinburgh Theological Seminary Report – General Assembly 2017

In its ongoing work with the seminary, the Board said they were “thankful to God for the various ways in which Edinburgh Theological Seminary (ETS) has continued its development in line with the Five Year Plan agreed by a previous General Assembly”.
In continuing to implement the Five Year Plan, the Seminary Board has refurbished the sixth and seventh floor of the college and begun preparations for a new Mission Centre. This will be a modernised space that will include access to “larger lecture rooms for workshops, conferences, etc”. The Seminary hope to provide courses that will equip church ministers and members. “The local church is at the centre of serving the community, the world on our doorstep. ETS wishes to encourage the development of the gifts and calling of the local Christian community”.
Some courses that will be on offer for membership include modules for Deacons, Elders, Treasurer and Sunday School Teachers.
The seminary itself is provided for financially in large part by the Church. In acknowledging this, the report stated that the Board were “very grateful to the Free Church of Scotland for the financial provision and prayer support of the denomination”.
Finally, the Board offer their gratitude towards Dr John R. McIntosh for his “immense contribution over several years in the Free Church College”. Dr McIntosh has reached the age of retirement from full-time work in the Seminary. The Board also thank him for his “willingness to remain theCourse Organiser of the Church History Department”. Dr McIntosh will oversee post-graduate studies connected to the Master of Theology degrees.
Source: Free Church of Scotland