Board of Trustees Report 2018

In The Board of Trustees report to the General Assembly, it was conveyed that there had been an increase in congregational remittances and other donations over the 2017 period with an overall “positive net movement in funds.”
The Board wished to “record its gratitude to those who gave generously to the work of the Church and commended congregations that have worked hard to meet the remittance requirements.”
In response to the financial report, The General Assembly “acknowledged with humility and thanksgiving the provision made by the Lord for the work of the Church.”
Appreciation was also given for those who “gave in a regular, responsible and liberal manner” and for the legacies received over the last year.
The Board expressed their pleasure that earlier this year a Communications Oversight Group was established to research the fundamental communication needs of the Church and how it presents itself to the wider public. It is hoped that from the review and research carried out a new strategy will be implemented.
The Board was also delighted to have recently started a partnership with the online book retailer 10ofThose following the closure of the Edinburgh bookshop in January. The new store will allow people to browse and purchase a range of affordable titles including some favourites from Free Church authors.
A new ‘Free Church Book Club’ will also run in conjunction with the store which will provide reviews and recommendation from members across the Chruch.
Recognition and appreciation were given to Miriam Montgomery who had taken the lead to establish the new online facility and continues to administer the store.
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Source: Free Church of Scotland