Psalmody and Praise Committee Report 2018

This past year the Psalmody and Praise Committee focussed efforts on their digital presence online through social media as well as the introduction of new iOS and Android apps.
The Committee was approached by Christian Hymns, an online hymnody app, and the Evangelical Movement of Wales to incorporate the text and tunes from Sing Psalms. Successfully launched in August of last year the Committee said they were grateful for this new partnership.
A standalone Sing Psalm app was also launched in December of last year providing people with a single resource which includes the words and melodies in one place. Both these apps can be downloaded from the iOS and Android app stores.
In October last year, the Committee held a Praise Workshop in Dundee. The workshop focussed on singing technique, accompaniment, precenting and harmony. They said, “it is always good when people get together across the Church to sing praise.”
It is hoped that various digital resources will also be made available at a future date including a Tunes Parts App, PDFs of Tunes and a Manual for Precentors.
Source: Free Church of Scotland