Board of Ministry Report 2018

In their report to the General Assembly, The Board of Ministry made special mention of those students who had graduated this year by saying, “The Board congratulates all those who have recently completed their theological studies and obtained licence to enter the ministry. We pray God’s blessing on all those about to begin in ministry as well as those who are preparing for future ministry.”
The Board was pleased to report the admission of two new ministers to the Free Church of Scotland from other denominations: Rev. Roger Crooks (formerly Presbyterian Church of Ireland) and Rev. Jonathan de Groot (formerly Church of Scotland).
Applications have been welcomed from those wishing to take part in a Ministry Apprenticeship Program and Post-Graduate Studies. The Board said they can “advise individuals and congregations interested in organising an apprenticeship and can also point to other sources of funding”.
Applications have been made available on the Free Church website.
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Source: Free Church of Scotland