Edinburgh Theological Seminary Report 2018

The Edinburgh Theological Seminary (ETS) Board reported they were pleased to report that the Seminary “has continued with its work of faithfully instructing students in the truth of the Scriptures in a relevant manner.”
The Board is currently developing a Mission Centre, located within ETS, in order to “to meet [the] current needs of the Church in its mission within Scotland.” It is hoped a wide range of people will benefit from the centre including local congregations, outgoing pastors and missionaries, current ministers and postgraduate missiological programs. The General Assembly commended ETS for the progress made so far and encouraged the Board to build on what has been achieved.
In February of this year, ETS welcomed Dr Alistair Wilson to the position of full-time lecturer in Mission Studies and New Testament. Since then he has undertaken many tasks including the development of short courses for the Mission Centre in partnership with Prof. John Angus.
Dr Wilson has also taken over as Director of Postgraduate Studies from Dr McIntosh who has retired from the position. The Board expressed their “appreciation of the expertise he brought to the Seminary in the area of Scottish Church History.”
The Board recorded their great “appreciation of the work of Principal Rev. Iver Martin in his running of the Seminary and in his many efforts at home and abroad to increase awareness of the Seminary.”
Prof. John Angus was also singled out by the ETS Board for his day to day running of the Seminary and its academic affairs.
In the report’s closing, Mr Martin said, “We are grateful for our accountability and inseparable connection with the Free Church; and in turn, the support and encouragement which the Free Church continues to give, denominationally and congregationally. I would be more than happy to speak about the work of ETS in any Free Church congregation, big or small.”
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Source: Free Church of Scotland