Free Church Youth Camps Update

Each year The Free Church of Scotland organises 12 youth camps around the country to engage and inspire the next generation. With preparations well underway there are now very limited spaces left for people to attend.
If there is a camp you think your child would like to go to, you are encouraged to contact Free Church Youth Camps as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as these camps are very popular.
[email protected]://
Recent changes have also taken place over the past few weeks with the appointment of Donald Macleod as the new interim Camp Supervisor.
Prof Bob Akroyd, Chairperson of the Free Church Mission Board said, “We are delighted to welcome Donald Macleod as the new interim Camp Supervisor. ‘Donald Dickie’ is very familiar with the work of Camps and has agreed to help give leadership and oversight for the next six months. He has already gotten stuck into the work and his input is most appreciated.”
“We are grateful for the input of Dan Paterson as Camps Supervisor and we recognise that for health reasons, he has not been able to continue in this capacity.”
Please pray for Donald in this new role, Dan’s health and continue to pray for Laura, our Camps Administrator. Before we know it, summer camps will be starting. Pray for safety and pray for the Lord’s blessing on all those who lead the camps and for each young person who attends.
Source: Free Church of Scotland