Youth Camps Adopted By Congregations

Every year hundreds of children and teens set off on Free Church Youth Camps around the country where they take part in group activities, games, Bible studies and devotionals. This year Free Church congregations have been encouraged to adopt a camp and to pray for the children, leaders and cooks in attendance.
Camp Co-ordinator Laura MacAulay said, “We’re keen to build on the relationships between camps and congregations, mainly for prayer but also so that the campers and leaders will be supported by their congregations before and after camp.”
Camps can be adopted by more than one congregation so if you would like to adopt any of them, please register your interest with Laura MacAulay – [email protected]
Youth Camps:

B.A.S.E Camp (Ages 19 – 23)
Comrie Kids (Ages 10 – 12)
Kincraig Girls (Ages 11 – 14)
Kincraig Kids (Ages 10 – 12)
Oswestry Junior 1 (Ages 12 -15)
Oswestry Junior 2 (Ages 11 – 15)
Oswestry Seniors (Ages 15 -18)
Renfrew Juniors (Ages 9 -12)
Renfrew Seniors (Ages 16 – 18)
Junior Football (Ages 11 -14)
Senior Football (Ages 14 -18)
Skye Shinty (Ages 11 – 14)

Source: Free Church of Scotland