Newly Licensed Free Church Minister

At a meeting of the Inverness, Lochaber and Ross (IL&R) Presbytery on Tuesday night, Peter Turnbull was officially licensed as a Free Church of Scotland minister having successfully completed his studies at Edinburgh Theological Seminary (ETS).
Peter has been faithfully leading the Burghead congregation as a church worker since 2015 having moved from Sheffield with his wife Morag, originally from Elgin, and their three young children.
Through regular visits to friends and family in the area, Peter eventually sensed a call to swap his music ministry in Christ Church Fulwood for preaching in Morayshire.
Taking a somewhat unusual route to ministry Peter has spent the past seven years in study, first at Highland Theological College and then for the past five years at ETS while working full time for the Burghead congregation.
Not one to shy away from a challenge Peter led a successful refurbishment of the church building over the past five years and welcomed two new additions to his family.
Relieved to have finally finished his studies Peter said, “As a family, we have been delighted to find a home within the Free Church over the last 5 years.”
“Subject to the congregation’s call we now look forward to building on the growth which the Lord has given here in Burghead in recent times.”
“A big thank you to those, both at ETS and in the IL&R presbytery, who have helped and supported us greatly through this somewhat unorthodox route to pastoral ministry.”
Source: Free Church of Scotland