The Big Bible Treasure Hunt

by Mairi Murchison – Loch Ness Free Church
A month into lockdown, Gin Ankers gave me a call and proposed using our free time to do some children’s outreach in our community. Initially, we were unsure what this would look like – how could we engage with young people in a fun and interactive way if we couldn’t meet them in person? However, I persuaded some family members to help and before too long our original plan of live streaming Bible stories had morphed into an eight-week long video series through the Bible.  
We labelled the series ‘The Big Bible Treasure Hunt’ with the idea of looking at different characters in the Bible to see if they could be the one to rescue us from our sick and sinful hearts. We had episodes on Adam and Eve, Noah, Joseph, David, Elijah and three on Jesus. In each episode, we placed an emphasis on the Bible being God’s true word and we looked at the character of God along the way. Each week there was a craft tutorial which children could follow and make themselves at home, using easily accessible material.
It was quite a learning curve as we got to grips with the various responsibilities involved. We loosely based the scripts around material we found online, adapting it to our timescale and making it more personal. We were kept busy with making crafts, learning lines, and last-minute editing. The videos came out at 2 pm every Friday afternoon and there was often a frantic rush in the morning to make sure that they would be ready in time!  
Our target audience was our local community based around Drumnadrochit and Fort Augustus. Gin created a beautiful billboard which we placed near the main road. Elsewhere we put up posters and launched our church’s Facebook page where the videos were shared.
We are very thankful for the response to the treasure hunt. To our surprise, some of the videos have been viewed over 1,500 times. More importantly, we’ve had local people comment enthusiastically on it – not only children but also our neighbours, peers and former teachers! Local people have commented on how the videos helped them to learn stories from the Bible. This was part of our goal: to introduce people to Jesus and to show them how he is the rescuer we need. We would love you to pray with us for the long-term impact of the videos; that they would show people their need to be rescued from their sin and that the only rescuer is Jesus. Please pray for Glenurquhart and Fort Augustus Free Church, that we would be a light for Jesus in our community.
If you haven’t seen the videos they can be found at
Source: Free Church of Scotland